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10 Life-saving Plastic Surgery Tips

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As you know plastic surgery can be a life changing experience and for those who do their research it is an overwhelmingly positive experience. However those who have not put in the time to research their surgery and plastic surgeons, try to cut corners, or who try to go with the cheapest surgeon who happens […]

What Are The 3 Main Implant Types For Augmentation of The Breast

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Women in Red Deer Alberta have been faced with a difficult decision in deciding which type of breast implant they should get. For most women this can come down to finances and or shape of breast, to determine which type may suit you the best below you will find a quick review of the 3 most common types of breast implants.

There are 3 main different breast implant types:

breast augmentation surgery in red deer alberta canada

  1. Saline:
    • Are made up of a silicone shell so they are safe for the body while the inside is filled with a safe Saline solution.
    • Are the most common and popular type of breast implant
    • Comes in two different shapes, first being a TearDrop shape that contours to the natural shape of the breast (this is the most popular of the shapes) and secondly a Round Shape (which is the cheaper of the two options)
  2. Silicone:
    • Also have a silicone shell
    • Contain a gel inside the implant that is thicker gel substance in comparison to the liquid saline
    • This makes the breast more naturally elastic and shaping
    • However some countries have banned silicone due to if it ruptures or leaks or needs to transplanting it has been shown to have possible cancerous conditions
  3. Double Lumen:
    • Is the best of both worlds in terms of implant structure
    • Has a silicone filled core with a saline filled outer layer
    • Has all the safety features of saline but also the natural look, feel, and shape of silicone.

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9 Breast Augmentation Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon Prior To Your Surgery

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Breast implants or commonly known as a Boob Job is one the most sought after surgical procedures in Canada. We here at Surgeons In Canada have noticed an increase in women from Edmonton, Alberta who are considering a boob job. We put together a quick list of 9 of the top questions you should ask your surgeon before having and type of breast surgery.Boob Job Surgery In Edmonton Alberta Canada

9 Breast Augmentation Questions:

There are many plastic surgeons in Edmonton so make sure during your consultation you ask the surgeon all of these questions1. How long has the surgeon been performing breast augmentation surgeries?
2. Do they have references and or testimonials from past patients?
3. Are they board qualified, if so from what boards?
4. What are the possible risks involved in the surgery?
5. How long will the surgery last and how quick will your expected recovery time be?
6. Judging from your current health condition, will there be any complications during or after the surgery, that you may encounter?
7. Can the surgery effect any of your current medical conditions?
8. What is the total cost of your breast implants surgery, including fees, and anesthesia?
9. If you are not satisfied after the surgery or if you are uncomfortable with your results, is there any type of recourse or options to rectify your results? If you follow these simple 9 steps you will allow yourself to find the perfect plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation. Please not that the above information does not only apply to women in Edmonton but to all women in all provinces across Canada.

Are You In Need Of A Breast Implant Replacement?

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There are many reasons why women choose to have a breast implant replacement also known as a re-augmentation. If you are considering this there is no need to worry or feel update as it may seem like an uncommon thing but it is more common then you may think. Below you will see a few of the reasons why your self and other women may decide to have a re-augmentation procedure.If you looking or an excellent physician who can perform your breast implants replacement in Calgary visit our page here SurgeonsInCanada.ca

  • Some women are not satisfied with their look after their surgery for example their boobs may look “fake” to them hence they have replacements done to have a more natural look in their eyes.
  • For others, they may want to increase of decrease the size of their size. Their first surgery may have been to small or to large and now they would like to correct that.
  • It’s an unfortunate reality that over time women who have had breast implants done can see those implants start to deform, warp, and even ripple.
  • the skin tissue can start to sag over time requiring a lift and repositioning.
  • If your implant was placed to high or low on your chest then you may want to have them redone.


breast augmentation replacement calgaryHow Much Will Your Breast Implants Replacement Cost?

The cost of having an implant replaced can be slightly cheaper then a standard augmentation procedure as some of the muscle and tissue already has the required “pockets” and shape pre-made, in a manner of speaking.There is some good news to as typically when having your second procedure it is much more straightforward then your first and can lead to a quicker healing time and less pain. However it is a good idea to review how you will feel post surgery with your plastic surgeon.If in the end you are not satisfied with your surgical results you can always opt to have them completely removed.